Massage and Reflexology Classes FAQ

Where does the class take place?

Group and one-to-one classes are held at the beautiful studio space at The Green Retreat in Godalming, Surrey.

Can I feed/change my baby during the class?

Yes, absolutely! I understand the need to be flexible with babies in tow so classes are very relaxed. The comfort of you and your baby is the most important part so please feel very welcome to attend to their needs during the class.

What happens if my baby is asleep?

Let them sleep! They need this rest and will not appreciate being woken for your treatment! For reflexology classes, we have model dolly feet to practise on and for massage you can practise on a spare doll. Or you can simply watch and observe and practise your techniques at home at a more convenient time.

Will I get to chat to other parents?

Yes, in group classes we include time for tea and a chat with the other parents in the course. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and share your experiences and parents consistently feedback that they enjoy the intimate environment created by a small group.

What should I bring?

Anything you will need for your baby, e.g. changing bag, small toys, milk etc. You will also need a small blanket for your baby to lie on. For older children, just come as you are or bring a small toy if you think that will help your child to relax.

What should we wear?

We work mainly on the floor so please wear comfortable clothes. For baby massage, some techniques use massage oil – while it is not particularly greasy, you may prefer not to dress your baby in their best outfit, just in case of staining! For reflexology, we don't use any products and all we need is access to your child’s feet or hands. So they can wear trousers and socks to remove or just undo the bottom poppers of a sleepsuit. For older children, anything comfortable and not too special is fine.

I have twins, can I bring them both?

Yes, please do! You only pay for one course and are welcome to bring another adult at no extra cost too (although this isn’t essential).

Treatments FAQ

Where does my treatment take place?

In the beautiful treatment space of The Green Retreat in Godalming, Surrey.

Which treatments are available?

Massage and reflexology treatments, each blending a range of advanced therapeutic techniques to suit you. Please see the Treatments tab for more information.

Can I have a treatment during pregnancy?

Yes. My extensive training and experience enables me to work with you safely while trying to conceive, through the whole of your pregnancy and beyond.

What should I wear?

Anything that you are comfortable in! For massage treatments, you will need to undress to your underwear but will be covered discreetly with towels and blankets at all times. For reflexology, you only need to remove your shoes and socks (and possibly trousers if they are quite tight fitting).

Is deep tissue massage painful?

No, it shouldn't be! I pride myself in combining effective muscular relieving massage treatments with relaxation. Deep tissue massage may well be uncomfortable and some people describe it as 'nice' pain. Really painful treatment results in the opposite effect of causing your muscles to involuntary tense up, which can further exacerbate the problem. In all of my treatments, I work with your body rather than against it, to ensure you gain the greatest benefits.