Join this unique course of Baby Massage classes to enjoy incredible calming, restorative benefits for both you and your baby. Enhance your connection with dedicated time together, while reaping the benefits from a shared community of like-minded families.

6 Week Course. £95 per family.

Suitable for babies 6 weeks - pre-crawling.

Spring Baby Massage & Wellbeing 6 Week Course

  • Thursday 18th April - 23rd May 11.45am

Some of the benefits of our Baby Massage & Wellbeing Classes

  • Simple massage and movement techniques to support your baby's emotional and physical development.
  • Support to incorporate massage into daily life with your little one.
  • Enhanced connection and communication with your baby.
  • Gentle ways to soothe your tired or overstimulated baby, reduce the discomfort of teething and digestive complaints.
  • Guided relaxation and meditation to help you feel calmer and replenished.
  • Community and compassion. A safe space to feel supported without judgement..
  • Incredible techniques to build attachment with your baby, to help them feel safe and secure.
  • Cosy, comfortable and nurturing surroundings in the Green Retreat.
  • A different theme and topic of interest each week and the opportunity to share experiences and guidance with like-minded parents and caregivers.
  • Adaptations & additions to include as your baby gets older.
  • Your own booklet with full details of all the massage techniques, stretches, exercises and comforting rhymes.
  • A complimentary bottle of organic sunflower oil to enjoy for your baby's massage at home.

Massage is so much more than a luxurious experience. It is a tool for supporting your child's physiological and emotional development, health and wellbeing.

To grow into kind, well-adjusted adults capable of maintaining healthy relationships, babies need a lot of affection and response to their needs. Positive touch in the form of gentle massage forms a large part of this. Learning simple, effective techniques to draw upon for your young baby paves the way for a lifetime of trust, love and healthy connections. It also empowers you to become tuned in to your baby in order to meet their needs.

Massaging your child builds connection and releases tension in you both. Positive touch supports the development of your baby's brain and body systems and stimulates the release of endorphins. These incredible hormones reduce pain and help to create a happy little baby!